Renews & protects the gut Fast relief to acid reflux Scientifically proven ingredients NO fillers, preservatives etc Finley "My gut felt soothed two days after taking a teaspoon twice a day. Would highly recommend for healing the gut and eliminating acid reflux" "I've tried quite a few different products to help relieve the symptoms of gastritis but this has without a doubt been the best." Alexandra


Repairs the gastric mucosal lining. Meaning the problem is addressed at the root cause.


Soothes all the way from the mouth down to the large intestine.


Can be mixed with water, juice, soup and just about anything else.


Comes in flavourless powder form, meaning it’s super easy to consume.

Do you have heartburn or acid reflux?

Check out this very short video where Cathy explains in short how we may help!

Based on synergistic blend of Glutamine and Zinc Carnosine, Rezcue is a protector of mucosal membranes. Zinc Carnosine is a form of the mineral Zinc. It was originally developed by the Japanese to treat ulcers and other damage to mucosal membranes. In the west it is mostly used for heartburn.

Zinc Carnosine has an unique capability to seek into and bind to the damaged areas – regardless are they in the mouth, esophagus, stomach or in the intestine. Once zinc carnosine finds the damaged area it remains there for several hours, giving the membrane much needed protection and time to strenghten itself.

Glutamine, the other component of Rezcue is naturally our most abundant amino acid. It is known that the gut directly uses glutamine from food or supplements to renew and build healthy epithelial layer.

Together these two remarkable components help the mucuous membrane to renew quickly.


"At first I didn't connect the improved digestion to this product. After stopped using I understood how big difference it had made. I'll order a new one."

Emmi H.

Rezcue Zinc Carnosine + Glutamine 240g

"I have used the product before. It is good and calms the stomach bubbling and fixes the mucuous membranes. My sister told she has help on gut inflammation."

Tuija H.

Rezcue Sinkkikarnosiini + Glutamiini 120g

"Zinc Carnosine helps my reflux symptoms and calms down irritated stomach and gut. I start my day with zinc carnosine so I can drink my morning coffee without heartburn."

Vuokko I.

Rezcue Sinkkikarnosiini + Glutamiini 120g

"I was recommended to take l-glutamine with zinc. I like that this has no real flavour so can be added to other drinks, and goes strait the the gut lining. It seems to be helping."

Rae D.

Rezcue Sinkkikarnosiini + Glutamiini 120g

"At first I didn't connect the improved digestion to this product. After stopped using I understood how big difference it had made. I'll order a new one."

Ulla-Riitta T.

Rezcue Sinkkikarnosiini + Glutamiini 120g


Rezcue is based on components with realiable scientific research. See quick facts below and click the bubbles for more information.



Zinc Carnosine is a unique, specific form of zinc. What makes it different from all other forms of zinc is how it deals adheres to damaged areas. It has the affinity to seek out and make a long-lasting bond with problem areas on the mucosal membrane. It is practically like a soothing lotion on the skin, but in this case on the mucosal membrane.

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Glutamine has many tasks in the body, but it is critical in gut health. The gut lining renews itself every five days, and to accomplish this it relies on l-glutamine. L-Glutamine is conditionally essential amino acid. This which means it is usually not needed from food or supplements, but in the case of distress or illness the dietary need for L-Glutamine increases.

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A: No. Even though beneficial in their own right, separately they are not even near to the efficacy of real Zinc Carnosine. The actual Zinc Carnosine is a single, uniform molecule made from Zinc and Carnosine.

A: The product can be continuously used. You might however want to experiment to be without the product after using one or two jars. It might well be that you don’t need it anymore.

A: Quiet the contrary. The point of REZCUE is to become obsolete to you. We usually hear from our customers that if they quit taking the product, the symptoms take time to return, if at all. While we cannot promise this happening, that is the what we hope to hear from you as well.

A: Daily recommended dose of REZCUE (two scoops) contains 16mg of Elemental Zinc, which is 106% of average adult’s RDA of Zinc. You CAN take more in form of other supplements but pay attention to the total Zinc intake.

A: There is no data showing either beneficial or harmful effects (of Zinc Carnosine or L-Glutamine) on pregnancy or breasfeeding. Bacause of this we recommend against using the product during these times.

A: We recommend to consult a qualified healthcare professional before administering any supplements to minors.


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